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COMPOSER tagging and viewing
01-08-2020, 13:52
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COMPOSER tagging and viewing
Apologies if this has been covered, but....

In some respects I am a bit of a Nerd. I enjoy getting my metadata correct and complete. I use an excellent program on my Mac called Tag Editor that allows all sorts of clever shortcuts and block substitutions.

As an ex jazz player myself I have learned to love the standards - Great American Songbook, as well as pop records of my youth.

And to a better understanding of who was who I have made a hobby during Covid lockdown of filling in the Composer fields in my metadata. I use the site Allmusic, and there are of course others. Discogs can also be useful. It often involves a cunning bit of detective work and metadata that is downloaded when ripping a CD is often inaccurate.

But I have nearly completed all that is realistically achievable in my collection of FLACs.

Firstly, anyone share my passion? Secondly, what it the best app on an iPad to show Composer? My favourite app for many reasons is Lumin but can this be improved upon when playing a playlist? Simply holding a finger on any track on the screen will reveal a lot about it including composer.

But are there any apps that openly display composer? Of course my Linn streamer runs it across the screen when it starts off a track but that is of limited use.

Any ideas??

Donuk beautiful downtown York
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