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Minimum (Entry ) Qualifications Needed to Use Minim Server?
15-07-2020, 18:09
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Minimum (Entry ) Qualifications Needed to Use Minim Server?
What a hassle to register for this "Forum".

Not user friendly or intuitive.

No 'UK English' option.

All working against a positive feeling for your product.

I have no computing qualifications at all - everything that I have been able to achieve with Windows 10 has been by sheer doggedness and determination.

1tb of music (overwhelmingly classical) is downloaded per month.

I use MusicBee as my music player (and impro music server). Have used MonkeyMedia as player and server in the past.

It would look from my reading that I need to instigate another music/media server and then I encountered MinimServer (MS) BUT....

..even your introductory material is very difficult to comprehend and when I read on further it's pretty evident that it is all well beyond me - so much "googling" and cross referencing would be needed. A very steep learning curve required - all obviously designed for "cognoscenti of the computing arts"!

In the past I slavishly re-wrote all the tags that emanated from the various web sources, mostly written by people not understanding the classical genre.

Your MS2, seems from my reading to be the one most appropriate for me - but not really sure. All my music is stored as 1tb hard drives which are played via MusicBee - very happy with this software, but tagging is not something that I have worked on with this piece of software. I want something that will automatically tag classical music.

Can you help?

Cannot even get your programme to "open". Been looking for a ".exe" file to open it with - always seems to default to "7z extract" and not go anywhere subsequently.

Feel like giving up completely.

Do you have "an idiot's guide" to your software.

How do I start it? Unpack it? Install it?

Not even sure whether MS will be of any help to me.

Thanks in anticipation for any encouragement or help that anyone can give.


Douglas (UK)
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