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Album.displayFormat merges multi-disc albums
14-04-2013, 17:23 (This post was last modified: 14-04-2013 17:24 by simoncn.)
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RE: Album.displayFormat merges multi-disc albums
(14-04-2013 16:58)winxi Wrote:  Thanks for the explanation and sorry for the false alarm. I've to describe the cirumstances a bit more in detail. I've ripped my CD collection to FLAC under the toplevel directory /music/FLAC. I've also transcoded these albums to MP3, these are stored under the toplevel directory /music/FLAC2MP3. The FLAC albums are tagged exactly the same way as the corresponding MP3 albums, except that for the FLAC albums I've added ' (FLAC)' to the album tag. This seems to be the reason that until now the multidisc match filter prevented merging.

These files weren't being merged because the album title was different. The match filter only comes into play if the album titles are the same.

Quote: A concrete example for an album in my library would be 'Siamese Dream' from 'The Smashing Pumpkins' (this is the 2012 deluxe edition with a bonus CD, so it is a multi-disc album). Until now, the control point showed in the album list:
Siamese Dream
Siamese Dream (FLAC)

Having the great tagFormat property in MinimServer, I've happily removed ' (FLAC)' from the FLAC album titles and applied
Album.displayFormat={$album^$#AudioFormat^ [^]}
I mistakenly expected the album list to be
Siamese Dream [MP3]
Siamese Dream [FLAC]

but it was
Siamese Dream [MP3, FLAC]

This of course only for the multi-disc albums. So according to your description, this is the right behaviour of MinimServer. Sorry for the confusion.

As a suggestion, it may be better to consider also the format when merging (maybe as an option). Or you could merge only these albums which have the same parent directory (e.g. /artist/album/disc1 and /artist/album/disc2). What do you think?

I think you should use the match filter, because it's provided for exactly this purpose. Smile

If you tag the MP3 album files with a match filter of ['MP3'] and the FLAC album files with a match filter of ['FLAC'], you should get two multidisc albums with the same title and correct merging behaviour.
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