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[Tutorial] How to generate 'Recently added' tags and playlists
26-12-2020, 17:54
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RE: [Tutorial] How to generate 'Recently added' tags and playlists
OK now installed and working.

Looks good - thank you very much.

My setup is a 64bit Windows PC with the music files stored on a QNAP TS-559 Pro II and on a Melco. I was running the script on the PC against files on the QNAP.

Although I have the tag "Added" which I create when I rip albums, it shows each month separately in Kazoo/Linn and you have to drill down to each month, your tags show better the Last weeks/months.

Also although Lumin can show by date, it is the album date rather than the dated added. So for newly released albums it tends to be the same, when you add an old album it is not.

So I will keep on using it as it allows me a different and useful view into my library in addition to what I can get from my custom field when using Kazoo and Linn and also to Lumin.

I found your instructions very straightforward. The only place where I had to look up MinimServer help was for setting tagUpdate in MinimWatch, I also missed the names of the tags being created first time (DATE_CREATED and PERIOD_DETAIL to be added to indexTags/itemTags)

I just started it running against my 22K files - took just over 20 minutes to execute and worked first time.

Thanks for this Christmas present.

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