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0$=Genre$3774 isn't a valid object
23-04-2020, 14:08
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RE: 0$=Genre$3774 isn't a valid object
When I try this, this is what happens:

1) Start Kazoo for Android
2) Browse the MinimServer library
3) Use MinimWatch to change the contentDir value
4) Use MinimWatch to do a rescan
5) Kazoo refreshes its contents of the library. Depending on where I was browsing in step 2), this might show a Kazoo message "Failed to load content... Retry" together with some "invalid object" messages in MinimServer. To resolve the problem, I can browse up one level using Kazoo and get a correct and current display. Sometimes there are no errors and the display automatically refreshes to the correct current contents.

Is this what you are seeing?
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