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Tracks cut short - Bose SoundTouch
26-03-2020, 14:57
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Question Tracks cut short - Bose SoundTouch
Hi All,

I have successfully set up MinimServer to work with my Bose system. I was previously using Universal Media Server, which worked well, however it does not have a working search function like MS, which is very handy indeed.

My only troubles with MinimServer are that it seems to ignore wma files and also cuts tracks short by about 20-30 seconds before skipping to the next track. It is almost as if it closes the connection before the track is finished.

In the Bose app, I receive the error 3102.

I have attached logs when this occurs

.txt  logs.txt (Size: 5.51 KB / Downloads: 2)

Please advise.

Kind regards,
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