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Is different Album sorting per Index possible
30-11-2020, 13:03
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RE: Is different Album sorting per Index possible
I've continued down the rabbit hole and taken it one step further so I can have artist albums prefixed with year (as they're sorted by year), and compilations without (as they're sorted alphabetically and the release date has no real meaning to a compilation).

First I remove all Dates for compilations, adding the deleted values back to a new tag called FULLDATE as I still want the metadata to be available for other things e.g. Date.decade.index.sort (I don't want unknown to appear if I haven't already filtered out Compilations).


&ALBUMARTIST=Various Artists
&ALBUMARTIST=Various Artists
&ALBUMARTIST=Various Artists

Then I rename Date to DateExcldngCmpltns (Date Excluding Compilations) and FullDate to Date and fill the blanks with values from DateExcldngCmpltns (which will bring it back to 100% population).

aliasTags : Date:DateExcldngCmpltns,FullDate:Date
itemTags : DateExcldngCmpltns
tagValue : Date.default={DateExcldngCmpltns}

Finally I set the sort order and the display format of the album.

tagOptions : Album.sortTags={AlbumArtist,+DateExcldngCmpltns,+Album}
tagFormat : Album.displayFormat={$DateExcldngCmpltns^^ - $Album}
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