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Been A While
12-07-2019, 18:45
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Been A While
I'm still so new at this and and am now seeing that I like this application. Enough that I made a donation just now as I know the creator must have busted balls to make something so cool. I'll admit I was using this app for a while getting used to my new Auralic Vega G2 network player and the Lightning DS app saw MinimServer at once so I clicked on it.
What I like about lightning app with Minimserver is that I see all album artwork right out the gate while when I just click on my NAS user name I don't see that same artwork. I see it on my ipad pro once I select the album but I like to see it all in order when I click on albums selection.

What I don't like is that when I upconvert a file it takes MinimServer a long time to allow the file to play. It calls each track modified or deleted file and sits like that for days on end, but it eventually catches up?? (Not making or breaking my day as I have so many albums I could start a radio station for darn near every genre there is! lol Not kidding. So tophats off to Simon for a cool program and if it gets better, so will my donations. I am no freeloader!!! Peace
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