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05-07-2019, 17:12
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hello Folks
I looked intently into gapless playback and come to the conclusion
my SONY NS510 Upnp renderer just doesn't do SetNextAVTransportURI,
required for Upnp galess playback.

so I turned to OhMedia for which I have seen various claims of implementing
gapless in an alternate way to Upnp.
Presumably this would have been by running a stream to the renderer.
I understand lossless formats in particular are straightforward to
place back-to-back on a stream. MP3 (and others) not so much, at least without
specialised software up to the task (JRiver Media Centre? didn't work for me)

I turned then to BubbleUPnpServer which can proxy a standard Upnp renderer
as an OhMedia one. And it has an option for gapless playback. Yay!
Yet it doesn't work for me (and the warning documentation link about not working with all renderers gives no clue what it _does_ do).

So I have now turned to MinimServer as I undertand it at least handles streaming.
Additionally, internet forum posts abound with assertions of gapless success with it.

So my question is: does MinimServer/MinimStreamer provide gapless by streaming rather than Upnp's SetNextAVTransportURI?
If not, does anyone know what the issues with gapless/streaming are?
I am a programmer and am so frustrated with this situation that still endures after
decades of malfunctioning software (as witnessed by internet forums
I have read) that I am very willing to tackle the problem.
But of course if it was easy it would have been done by now, which is not the case.

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