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Anamoly loading album cover art in Marantz NR1506
02-04-2019, 19:31
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Anamoly loading album cover art in Marantz NR1506
I have MinimServer and my album collection located on a Synology NAS. I have two control points. One is foobar2000 on my computer. The other is a Marantz NR1506. Both are connected by ethernet cables.

When I select an album to play using the Marantz interface, inevitably the album cover art that is loaded with the first track is wrong. This is to say the album cover art belongs to some other album. The second track and subsequent tracks all have the correct album cover art loaded with them.

I have tested the Marantz with albums I have not played previously. I did this in order to see if the incorrect album cover art was being pulled from a cache on the Marantz. It does not appear to be: The same anomaly occurs when loading even previously unplayed albums, and the incorrect album cover art may also taken from an unplayed album, so I'm pretty sure that the problem is not strictly related to an incorrect caching on the Marantz. (The cache on the Marantz is a problem to clear. I know of no way to do it that does not clear every setting on the receiver - essentially doing a factory reset.) to the foobar2000 control point. This works fine. There is no "mix up" of album cover art. When I play an album, the correct album cover art is associated with every track on the album.

So it appears that the problem is connected to how the Marantz is reading the minimServer data.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks very much for your kind attention. Confused
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