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Intelligent browsing: inconsistent behavior?
01-04-2019, 18:47
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RE: Intelligent browsing: inconsistent behavior?
(29-03-2019 21:29)simoncn Wrote:  
(29-03-2019 16:46)nbpf Wrote:  I have checked the section, thanks! Still, I do not think that I want to use groups, I have already populated a "work" tag with suitable values. I like the standard way albums that contain more than one work are displayed, I do not wont works to be wrapped in another container. The only thing that bugs me is the fact that, as explained in my previous post, certain album subsets are treated different from certain other album subsets. I think this is a programming error, don't you think so?


The metadata that MinimServer sends for the tracks is the same in both cases (with and without the intermediate partial album container) and it isn't clear to me why BubbleUPnP shows the album-like view with a play button in one case but not in the other case. I will contact the author of BubbleUPnP to ask him about this.

Thanks, it would be great if BubbleUPnP would behave consistently with MinimServer! Best, nbpf
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