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Intelligent browsing: inconsistent behavior?
28-03-2019, 13:22
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Intelligent browsing: inconsistent behavior?
I have noticed a behavior that seems inconsistent (or, at least, unexpected) to me when browsing a music collection. The behavior is probably best explained with an example and a few screenshots. Let's say, I am browsing the works of B. Britten

[Image: Screenshot_2019-03-28_123236.jpg]

and select the string quartet No. 2. There is only one album in my collection that contains this work and the next screen is

[Image: Screenshot_2019-03-28_123244.jpg]

Notice that I am presented with three single tracks and that there is no direct way of playing them without opening a further dialogue. Contrast this situation to the following

[Image: Screenshot_2019-03-28_123901.jpg]

Here, I am browsing through F. Schubert's works. Selecting the string quartet No. 14 yields

[Image: Screenshot_2019-03-28_123908.jpg]

because there are two albums in my music collection that contain this work. Selecting "2 albums" in the above screen indeed yields

[Image: Screenshot_2019-03-28_123912.jpg]

Selecting the second album yields the following screen

[Image: Screenshot_2019-03-28_123927.jpg]

Notice that now I can now directly play the four tracks by tapping the cursor arrow in the middle of the screen. Why cannot I do so for Britten's string quartet No. 2?

It seems that MinimServer treats the leaves of a browsing tree in a branch-dependent fashion. This seems inconsistent to me and is the motivation for this post. Specifically, I would like to see the album artwork and the "play now" cursor control also in the case of Britten's string quartet.

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