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Denon / Heos App
02-03-2019, 17:42 (This post was last modified: 02-03-2019 17:43 by lukeru.)
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RE: Denon / Heos App
Hi Again,

I've logged this issue with Denon support, after sending them iOS vs Android app comparison (attached) they claiming that index tag is not available on Android version due to way how it is communicating with MinmServer
(bit weird as Foobar2000 or BubbleUPnP can read it with no problem):

The difference here is the way that Minim Server is presenting the information via Android communication.

Its adds different values into the presentation of the content resulting in interpretation variables. It seems you can change this within the Minim Server by changing values within its advanced properties menu . For example, we were able to configure Minim by experimenting with the settings for it to exclude "tagged view" when presenting the content. Doing this did not affect iOS display in our tests although some presentation changes were made with Android.

I'm wondering is there any way to change settings on Minim to force Heos App to read index tag rather display [folder view] instead.
Another strange thing is that when you open any of the folders (especially these with tracks from various albums) tag view is showing up on Android app, just root index tag is not.

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