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Room correction with convolution per sample rate
08-02-2019, 06:41
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RE: Room correction with convolution per sample rate
Wow! Thanks for generating a custom ffmpeg build for the Melco.

I followed your instruction and:
  • update MinimServer to minimserver-, minimserver-0.8-update-128
  • updated MinimStreamer to minimstreamer-0.7.12
  • installed the package ffmpeg-4.1-melco-0.1 package

After restarting MinimServer," System:stream.converter" had the value "libext/*/ffmpeg"

I tested the system with:

convOut=-i /mnt/disk1/share/MinimServer/convolution/Cor1S*.wav -lavfi afir=gtype=gn

flac:wav;, dsf:wav24;352

I tested all sample rates from 16/44.1 to DSDx2. I was curious if the custom ffmpeg for the Melco was more efficient, and could handle 24/352, 24/384, DSD, or DSDx2. All sample rates up to 24/196 worked fine. Unfortunately higher sample rates still had stutter, so no change there.

I ended up with:


and all seems to work well with the Melco server. No convolution is performed on sample rates above 24/196 (or DSD).
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