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Transcoding stopped working (Synology NAS)
08-10-2018, 16:48
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Transcoding stopped working (Synology NAS)
I have been using transcoding successfully for a few years now. My server properties have not been changed since then. Recently, I have realized that Minimstreamer is no longer transcoding.

My setup is:
stream.converter ffmpeg
stream.transcode *.wav24;96

Ffmeg is installed properly and the minimserver properties finds it (otherwise it issues an error message). Java8 is installed running. Minimserver is 0.8 update 124 and minimstreamer is 0.7.7.

But the output sent to my clients (tried various Android clients such as BubbleUpnp and Windows clients such as Mediamonkey and VLC) is not transcoded to wav. mp3s stay as mp3 and flacs stay as flac. The file path in the metadata is also either an mp3 or a flac file, not a wav one.

I have tried all that I know but I cannot find why this problem is occurring. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Transcoding stopped working (Synology NAS) - Cem - 08-10-2018 16:48

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