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displayRole versus displayFormat
22-05-2018, 11:48
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RE: displayRole versus displayFormat
(22-05-2018 07:40)simoncn Wrote:  The reason you are getting the composer twice in BubbleUPnP is because you have used tagFormat to send the composer as the artist name. Most users would not be doing this and BubbleUPnP would then (correctly) be showing both the artist and the composer.

Reducing this long discussion to a sentence or two (that makes sense to a non-technical user) would be quite a challenge but I will see what I can do to improve the current explanation.

Is this the time to augment the user guide explanations with separate pages of examples?

Of the top of my head, we’re practicable, a page for a specific customisation with a column containing a tag name, another with its’ contents, another with the value after any applied customisation and finally, perhaps, the value presented to the control point.

The examples may initially cover simple options but could be embellished/extended as queries are raised. Perhaps some could be provided by Minimserver users based on their own practical uses.
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