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Onkyo CR-N765
23-04-2018, 20:24 (This post was last modified: 23-04-2018 20:44 by Cebolla.)
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RE: Onkyo CR-N765
Hi Ray

Not sure why you think your Onkyo CR-N765 requires to access the DSD files via the SMB - the Onkyo does not even support SMB!
The CR-N765 can only access audio files over the network, including DSD files, via a UPnP/DLNA media server such as MinimServer. That is why you have the 'DLNA' option in the Onkyo Remote app.

From the Onkyo CR-N765's Instruction Manual:

"The unit allows you to use DLNA to play music files stored on a PC or a hard disk connected to your home network (NAS device).
- You must connect the unit and PC or NAS to the same router.
- You can play music files on a NAS device provided with a DLNA server function or a PC installed with a player provided with a DLNA server function"

"File Formats

USB and Networks
This unit can play the following types of audio files over a USB or
network connection.
- Extension .dsf, .DSF
- Sampling Frequency 2.8224 M/5.6448 MHz"

So you should not be having any problems getting the CR-N765 to stream & play .dsf DSD files stored on the Synology NAS provided by MinimServer.

However it looks like the Onkyo does not support .dff DSD files.
Which DSD file types do you have? .dff or .dsf
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