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convolution with acourate fir filter
17-06-2018, 22:12
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RE: convolution with acourate fir filter
Support for FIR convolution files is available now in MinimStreamer 0.7.7. For this to work, you must be using FFmpeg 3.4.0 or later.

A simple way to apply a FIR convolution file is to specify the following in stream.options:

convOut=-i f:\mark_gb\Cor1S44.wav -lavfi afir

where f:\mark_gb\Cor1S44.wav is the convolution file. Unfortunately, this introduces a delay in each track which is heard as a slight gap between tracks. This delay can be eliminated by configuring FFmpeg to remove the initial portion of each track, as follows:

convOut=-i f:\mark_gb\Cor1S44.wav -filter_complex [0]apad=pad_len=32768[2];[2][1]afir[3];[3]atrim=start_sample=32768

This eliminates the gap by removing the first 32768 samples of each track but there is still a slight click between some tracks. I don't how how to stop this happening.
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