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Transcoding & Scrubbing - AAC and MP3 to WAV
21-12-2017, 20:12
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Transcoding & Scrubbing - AAC and MP3 to WAV
Hi Simon

I'm using a QNAP TS-212 (ARM Processor) NAS which has MinimServer and MinimStreamer Installed and MinimWatch on my MacBook (MacOS High Sierra)

Most of my music is stored as FLAC - though my Naim streamer prefers WAV

I transcode on the fly to my Naim streamer using MinimStreamer (flac:wav24) and I am able to scrub tracks (fast forward) with ease.

I also have a few files on the NAS which are AAC and MP3

The AAC and MP3 files are not transcoded and for some reason do not allow scrubbing (fast forward) I tried using aac:wav24 and mp3:wav24 - in the hope that once transcoded to WAV, they too could be 'scrubbed'

Unfortunately, they remain as AAC and MP3 respectfully.

ffmpeg is shown on MinimWatch, but I'm not sure it is on the QNAP (?)

Am I trying to do something which can't be done?Big Grin
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