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Gapless playback from .m3u file?
28-12-2017, 09:57
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RE: Gapless playback from .m3u file?
You are right. Most of the tracks on my playlist have a second or two of silence at the end. So, I have done the following:

- Created a new copy each file in a new folder.

- Used Mp3Tag to tag them as belonging to a new fictitious album.

- Redone the playlist to point to these copies instead of the originals.

- Used Audacity to chop the silence off the end of each file.

All I need now is another party. Roll on New Year's Eve.

Thanks for your help.


Linn KDS/1, Linn KK/1, Bryston 4B SST2, JBL 4365.
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RE: Gapless playback from .m3u file? - JimR - 28-12-2017 09:57

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