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Netgear Readynas Ultra 2 plus
23-10-2017, 16:02
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Netgear Readynas Ultra 2 plus
Hi again,

A month I asked and was informed that I could NOT install MinimServer on a WD My Net N900 Central

Since then I have found a s/h Netgear Readynas ultra 2+ at a very good price. I was going to need an extra drive for a out-of-the-house backup, and I could use it for this purpose if could not use that one with MinimServer either (if the Readynas server software wasn't to my liking).

I'm happy to read here that in fact I should be able to install the MinimServer on the Readynas. Not least because I now have another problem: When the folder/file names include Danish characters like æ ø å ä ö (which happens a lot) then the whole name is shown as a blank space in the app I use for selecting the albums/songs. Problem is only in the app, not when I look at files in Windows or when titles are shown ind the display on the media player / streamer.

1. would installing MinimServer as per your instructions come with a risk of deleting my music files?
2. will it remove the current DLNA server supplied with the Readynas? And
3. how could I revert to using the standard Netgear software for streaming the music in case I should find this a better solution in my case ?

-and of course, will I be likely to have the same character issue with MinimServer ?

I hope that you once again can help me with answers to my questions.

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Netgear Readynas Ultra 2 plus - ClausDK - 23-10-2017 16:02

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