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Minim always scans music database
02-09-2013, 18:21
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RE: Minim always scans music database
(02-09-2013 11:02)dvdr Wrote:  Simon, thanks for that answer & considering my suggestion - that indeed is good news! May I add two suggestions / observations?

- is it possible to display "newly added albums"? Usually, I'm listening more often to those albums, that I just added, so it would be convenient to access them directly ;-) Is that possible with the current version with a special entry in the config, or would that have to be implemented?

This isn't possible currently. It's on my list of requested features for a future release.

Quote:- Using Songbook, whenever I have restarted MininServer (either restart or reboot of the server), I am having problems with the discovery. Most of the times, Songbook will not display MinimServer in the uPnP-server list (MinimServer is already up and running!), when I fire up Songbook. I will have to use the function "clear and search" to completely clear the list of uPnP-devices, then I will be able to access MinimServer. Sometimes (I assume, it is when just reboting MinimServer) MinimServer is still in the list, but I cannot access it anymore.

These problems are caused by issues with how Songbook discovers the server. You should be able to solve these problems by using MinimWatch to set the ohnet.port property to a fixed port number. The recommended port number is 9791. In the next release of MinimServer, this will be the default setting.

Quote:Also, sometimes MinimServer will be displayed as "UpNp-server" (I can see its IP, so it is MinimServer), then I cannot access/browse it. After a few "clear and scan"-s, it finally will we found as MinimServer (that's the name I gave it in the config), and then I can access/browse it.
Any idea, what that could be? The IP is fixed, btw....

Thanks again for your continuing support!

I haven't seen this and I don't know what would cause it. It is probably something that Songbook is doing. It's quite likely that setting the ohnet.port property will fix this as well.
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