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Empty Title Defaults to FileName?
21-09-2017, 18:43
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Empty Title Defaults to FileName?
Much as the originator of this thread from a few years back - - I have been trying to make my classical music tagging more granular using Work, Movement and Movement Number tags in place of Title, etc. I feel this is a better fit for most classical works with the added benefit of making the work easily searchable, if indexed.

I recombine the above tags with a Title tagFormat property of, say, Title.displayFormat={$work^$movementnumber^: ^. $movement}. So far, so good.

But I wanted to make a Title tagFormat that would also work for files that did not have Work, Movement tags, etc., just the original Title.

I put $title before $work above. It works for files with just a Title. But it seems that Title gets special treatment by MinimServer and, for files that do not have a Title tag, the filename is inserted rather than an empty string. So now, for a file with no Title tag, just Work, Movement, etc., I get <filename><work tag><movementnumber tag>: <movement tag>.

Is there a way to configure MinimServer to prevent this behaviour?
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Empty Title Defaults to FileName? - qblack - 21-09-2017 18:43

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