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Banana versus raspberry pi
04-09-2017, 10:02
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RE: Banana versus rapsberry pi
As I understand it the Banana Pi M2 Berry SATA is not on the same controller as the USB and ethernet (though I may be wrong about this). I therefore decided given the Banana pi M2 Berry was only about £30 on Amazon to give it a go. I am not really slick with Linux but most of the stages were easy.

I used a copy of Raspbian Jessie for the operating system. It then took me a while (due to lack of experience to get the SATA drive correctly EXT4 formatted and mounted. I then had quite some fun and games getting my music backup HDD (which is NTFS formatted) to mount. I ended up having to unmount followed by remount, which worked but I have no idea why. Music files were then copied using Rsync.

Minimserver was loaded using the raspberry pi instructions with no modifications. The software loaded and ran with absolutely no issues.

The whole point for me trying this was that I found the raspberry pi a little slow when moving round the music library and a lag before tracks would start to play. With the banana pi as described there is no issue what so ever, from selection to play it is almost instantaneous. The Rsync to load my entire library was much quicker than the raspberry pi. So in summary if you are thinking of the raspberry pi to work with Minimserver you should also consider one of the banana pi's with SATA.

I am certainly delighted with the outcome and have no plans to change anything as this low power cheap music server solution does everything I could wish for.

Best regards,
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