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selective transcoding from synology NAS
10-06-2017, 19:56 (This post was last modified: 10-06-2017 19:59 by Cebolla.)
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RE: selective transcoding from synology NAS
(07-06-2017 03:28)youngchul76 Wrote:  Hi,
I have DS212J which can transcode flac to only wav, not MP3, so when i'm out and about with my phone, it uses up huge data as each song i stream to my ds audio app is in .wav form.

I also have stream magic which can natively play flac files.

So my question is -

Is there a way to somehow selectively transcode to mp3 using minimstreamer only for instances when i'm streaming to my phone, not to my stream magic? With most models of synology nowadays it natively transcodes to mp3 when streaming to ds audio (phone app) but my synology is quite old and it DOES NOT transcode to mp3, only to wav. That's the reason why i stumbled on this minim site.

Thank you anyone for help.
If it's an Android phone, then you can access MinimServer remotely over the internet using the BubbleUPnP Android app and running the BubbleUPnP Server helper application on the Synology DS212J NAS.

When used for remote internet access, BubbleUPnP Server can optionally transcode either all files to MP3 or just lossless files (so including FLAC) to MP3, on behalf of MinimServer, if you are playing the music files on the Android device itself (eg, your phone) via the BubbleUPnP Android app's Local Renderer.

BubbleUPnP Server will need to be configured to allow access from the internet and also make MinimServer available from the internet via its remote UPnP network.

You'll also need to configure the BubbleUPnP Android app, both to connect to MinimServer via the BubbleUPnP Server's remote UPnP network and to get BubbleUPnP Server to transcode to MP3 for the BubbleUPnP Android app's Local Renderer.

For further information see the BubbleUPnP Server website, especially the sections:
Configuration - Status, Network & Security, Media Servers;
Connecting with Android BubbleUPnP - Remote UPnP Network configuration, Audio, video & image transcoding settings.
BubbleUPnP Server
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