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Feature request: tag default value (constant)
29-04-2020, 20:35 (This post was last modified: 30-04-2020 09:01 by simbun.)
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RE: Feature request: tag default value (constant)
I just used this approach myself and was reminded of a previous question about applying a default constant, so whilst it might be too late for the OP it might be of some use to others.

Create a tagUpdate file that creates a new tag containing the value 'Studio Album' for every file (use a tag that makes it easier to cover your whole collection):

Or in MinimServer 2 I believe you can use #AudioFormat, which for me would result in only a single update group (for FLAC) but your mileage may vary.

Then in itemTags include:

and in tagValue:

Then you'll have 'Studio Album' appear where there's no ALBUM_RELEASE_TYPE tag available.

It's not ideal to have to generate a new tag to hold the constant, but in the absence of another way (unless I've missed something new).
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