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Feature request: tag default value (constant)
29-03-2017, 08:34
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Feature request: tag default value (constant)
Hello Simon,
first of all I would like to thank you for the amazing work.
I have been using minimserver for some years now and I can't imagine to go back to anything different for library navigation.

As you can imagine, I have defined a number of custom tags for indexing and formatting.

One of those tags is "ALBUM_RELEASE_TYPE".
Typical values would be "Studio Album", "Live Album", etc etc.
I would like to set most of the albums to "Studio Album", without having to explicitly set the tag to a whole lot of files. I would rather prefer to set the value only when the album is not a "Studio Album".

To do that, I would need the be able to set a default value to a constant value (not to a value from another tag, a feature I see is currently already available).

Do you think this might be possible, or do you have suggestions for a workaround (other than setting tag values to the relevant files)?

Thank you very much!
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