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Request: Vorbis transcoding
12-02-2017, 02:35
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Request: Vorbis transcoding
I was hoping you'd consider adding Ogg Vorbis as an input option in MinimStreamer.

I'm using Hi-Fi Cast on my Android device to control my Chromecast Audio. Hi-Fi Cast is nice because it supports gapless playback on the Chromecast, but only for FLAC, WAV, mp3, and m4a. Vorbis plays, but not gaplessly. Back a zillion years ago when I ripped my CD library, I ripped titles where gapless mattered to Vorbis, as gapless mp3 wasn't really a thing yet. (I wish before my last computer with a CD drive died I had thought to re-rip those discs!)

Anyway, I've requested that Hi-Fi Cast add gapless Vorbis support, but in the meantime I believe transcoding to WAV would solve the problem, too. Thanks for your consideration.
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