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not all custom mp3 tags are shown?
12-12-2012, 12:21
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RE: not all custom mp3 tags are shown?
(10-12-2012 13:37)simoncn Wrote:  There's a known issue with the LABEL tag. The ID3v2 specification uses the TPUB 'Publisher' frame to hold Publisher or Label information. Some tagging programs (but not Mp3tag, according to this page) put LABEL tags into TPUB frames, and MinimServer currently doesn't read TPUB frames. I could change MinimServer to read TPUB frames, but the result would be that your Label tags are displayed as Publisher tags. Sad

ARTISTSORT is problematical as well. From a bit of web searching, Mp3tag writes this to the TSOP 'Performer Sort Order' frame. This is only valid in ID3v2.4, but Mp3tag writes it to ID3v2.3 as well. MinimServer currently doesn't read the TSOP tag. I could change this, but the result might be that your ArtistSort tags are displayed as PerformerSortOrder tags, and this might only work if your files are written with ID3v2.4 tags. Sad

When I have a spare day or two, I'll gather information on all the tag mappings used by all the tagging programs, try to guess which of the many alternative mapping choices represent the prevailing industry standard, and implement those mappings in MinimServer.

To solve the above two issues (and other similar problems caused by alternative mappings for the same tag), I'm planning to add a new feature to MinimServer to alow user-defined tag remapping. For example, if you had a mixture of LABEL tags (in FLAC files) and PUBLISHER tags (mapped from TPUB fields in MP3 files), and you wanted all these tags to be treated as LABEL tags for indexing purposes, you'd be able to add something to indexTags to make MinimServer do that.

This isn't quite the same as the current facility to display a different index name for a tag. The new feature would allow different tags to be merged together for indexing purposes, which isn't possible with index entry renaming.
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