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Transport is locked (code: 705)
31-12-2016, 18:13 (This post was last modified: 01-01-2017 13:17 by nickc.)
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Transport is locked (code: 705)

I've just installed (and updated to latest versions) MinimServer and MinimStreamer on a brand new QNAP HS-251+. The QNAP is connected to the internet by a VPN routed via a UK server. Thus I hoped to be able to access the HLS BBC radio streams, having set up the playlist as in Simon's instructions. (On an older QNAP I've been running MinimServer and MinimStreamer happily for months and listening to BBC Radio 3 on the lower quality extra-UK streams day in and day out.) I'm using BubbleUPnP on an android tablet as controller and my new Arcam SR250 as renderer. BubbleUPnP sees the Arcam and MinimServer, shows the playlist file, but when I click on BBC Radio3 nothing happens, then an error message briefly appears: "Transport is locked (code: 705)" I've added "aac" stream info to the Radio3 entry after reading Simon's suggestion to another poster, but that hasn't helped. I've also tried setting up transcoding to WAV as the Arcam definitely supports WAV, but again no luck, although now BubbleUPnP momentarily switches to play mode, but with no sound, before the error message appears. I've tried BubbleUPnP on three different Android devices, but all with the same problem. Any suggestions what might be the issue?
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Transport is locked (code: 705) - nickc - 31-12-2016 18:13

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