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Can I install MinimServer to my product?
19-10-2016, 19:58
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RE: Can I install MinimServer to my product?
(19-10-2016 01:14) Wrote:  Do you mean 'providing install link' is allowed without any condition? Or, we need to talk about how to collaborate and develop between MinimServer and my company? Does it need kind of contract?

The MinimServer downloads don't have fixed link URLs. The URLs change when there is a new version of MinimServer and they can change for other reasons such as reorganising the file structure on the download server.

I have worked with the VortexBox developers to design a download protocol that will always return the current URL for the download. If you don't use this protocol but use a hard-coded URL instead, this URL will break from time to time and I will not be able to provide support to help you fix the problem.

The protocol is not documented publicly and this is why I asked you to contact me via PM.

I will close this thread now as this is not a suitable topic for further public discussion.
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