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Amazon Cloud : from a good news to a nightmare...
13-09-2016, 13:19 (This post was last modified: 13-09-2016 13:36 by lyapounov.)
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Amazon Cloud : from a good news to a nightmare...
Dear all

it all starts with a good news, which is turning into a nightmare.

The good news is the Amazon unlimited size cloud offering for 70 euros / year; three month free.

So I have installed Cloud Sync on my Synology server, and started syncing with Amazon to have a backup of all my music. Works perfectly (up to 240 Mb/sec...)

I then noticed that some parts of my music tree structure were not synced. By digging, I realized that all files / folder whose name has an accented character coded on two characters (I guess because of UTF-8) were not synced. As an exemple, Fauré folder was not synced; I then opened File Station on Synology, when to Fauré folder, renamed it : and when I backspaced the é it became Faure, and another backspace it became Faur and I added a é (single character) and magic : the Folder was then Synced, and the é was present on the web interface of Amazon cloud. Same thing with files inside a folder. Of course, when the é was not coded on two characters, it synced perfectly.

Here is now the nightmare : I have tons of files (basically all the one I have ripped and not bought on Qobuz, I would say around 25000 of my 65000) which have this encoding, many with accented letters, and therefore are not synced.

I now am in the mood to change all such filenames to something more standard, without any accent, like what Qobuz is doing when you download.

Problem is : some filenames are coded in UTF-8, and some others are not. How can I know ?

I thought of writing a php routine, which would read the trackname tag, using getid3, and then use some preg_replace to generate a clean filename, but in order to work, I need to know what is the trackname character encoding. How ?

Oh well, if anyone has a magic wand, I take it :-)

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