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New Installation - control point can't see MinimServer
08-08-2016, 10:40
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RE: New Installation - control point can't see MinimServer
I've looked at the manual for your router, and, sadly, if there are any multicast settings (which is likely), they appear to be locked in. I've encountered this before with ISP-supplied routers; perhaps it's done to limit customer support calls. But to get a properly working UPnP AV streaming system, you may need to change your router.

If your devices stay visible and start to connect readily, the problem has resolved itself. If, at least temporarily, you can connect everything up by Ethernet and use a control point in the laptop, and it all works then, then the issue will be related only to the wireless (I have come across routers that have separate multicast settings for wireless and Ethernet). Then, disabling the wireless on the router and getting a separate Wireless access point might resolve the problem.

Otherwise, you might want to replace the router, which is what I have done (the router that BT insisted on sending me has never been out of its box). It's a cost, but you get a better, and usually much more configurable router when you buy your own.

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