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Arcam SR250
11-05-2016, 09:31
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Arcam SR250
Does anyone have any experience with the Arcam SR250? (,FMJ,Inte...,sr250.htm) It's had excellent reviews in the usual places, but I'd be keen to hear comments from members of this forum.

It's been nearly 18 months since I started this thread: and with a death in the family, major house refurbishment and other distractions my (not now) new Raspberry Pi and CirrusLogic card are still not brought into use. And due to a very welcome and unexpected windfall I'm in the fortunate position for the first time in my life of being able to contemplate blowing some serious money on av kit. The Arcam SR250 seems on paper to be my dream solution to having high quality sound and vision combined with full network streaming facility. But before undertaking such a (for me) major investment I'd value advice from others. Annoyingly, for example, the Arcam comes with an iOS control app, but not android. Can I be sure it'll be compatible with Bubbleupnp, which I use currently? Can I be sure it will work seamlessly with Minimserver? Will I be able to use the Arcam to stream a source out to other rooms via my LAN? Compared with all it does offer, these may be minor issues, but since the DAC in the Arcam may well be the same chip as in the Pi audio card (it's certainly made by CirrusLogic) I might actually be wiser (and a lot more in pocket) to pursue my original project with the Pi! All comments /opinions gratefully received.
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