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Streaming Spotify
24-03-2016, 10:45 (This post was last modified: 24-03-2016 10:47 by rich28.)
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RE: Streaming Spotify
(23-03-2016 12:33)Cebolla Wrote:  
(23-03-2016 10:30)rich28 Wrote:  OK, one further suggestion but before I go on make sure BubbleUpNP Server is installed on your NAS and using it you’ve created an OpenHome renderer for your DAC. Having done that, I suggest you install Linn Kazoo as the control point – this is a longstanding Apple app which I gather is now also available for Google and Amazon devices. Next install Linn’s Songcast on your PC (or Mac) and use this to send Spotify’s audio output to your DAC. That's it. Yup, as always with these things there's a chance this may not work, but its worth trying... Tidal and Qobuz incidentally are incorporated into Kazoo (and Lumin's control point app) so in comparison it should be very straightforward to get these streaming services to playback on your DAC
No, unfortunately it won't work. The OpenHome renderers provided by the BubbleUPnP Server helper software do support the OpenHome Streaming Services (for TIDAL & Qobuz), but they don't support Songcast.
Ok I stand corrected - many proprietary UPnP devices are unable to see Songcast. However, I installed an OpenHome renderer on a Windows PC and this could - as available from Also, 'sc2mpd' provides Songcast support for 'upmpdcli' so, as I understand, it can also work with Unix/Linux hosts - see: I'm aware that BubbleUPnP Server has no role in Songcast per se but personally I feel that its a good idea to having it running so as to have an openHome platform and to fix any UPnP oddities
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