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editing posts not allowed?
23-01-2016, 13:06
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Lightbulb RE: editing posts not allowed?
(20-01-2016 18:57)simoncn Wrote:  I was also unable to edit an old post (about 13 months old). The forum is set to allow old posts to be edited with no time limit. Perhaps there is a bug in the forum software.

This morning, I wanted to write the tutorial for this forum. But again, I had problems with "403 forbidden" messages from the forum-software. I couldn't create a new topic with my instructions. I tried it in any of the subforums (just testing with the preview-function, the problem already arises when just previewing).

I tested more and more, and found that very short test-messages with gibberish works. But my tutorial doesn't. I did trial-and-error to find out what the problem is, changing the text of my tutorial more and more.

After a while, I now found what the problem is! :-) There is a certain word, which I cannot use right now, which prevents the message from being stored an the server.

The forbidden word is XXXwgetXXX. Remove the XXX on both sides of the words, and try it out yourself. Just reply with this word to my post, for example. You will get the error-message.

I did a quick search on the internet to perhaps find an explanation. I could imagine a form of security feature which prevents using this word? Seems to be a new "feature", as I originally could write the tutorial (now I can't edit it and can't write any new post containing the forbidden word). Perhaps it's a feature which can be turned off somehow? I'd like to use the word in my tutorial! ;-)
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