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Does dff:dopwav transcode the DSD file in itself?
05-01-2016, 22:25
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RE: Does dff:dopwav transcode the DSD file in itself?
(05-01-2016 19:51)Linn_agnostik Wrote:  I've gotten a reply from the manufacturer, quoted below:
" What I can tell you is the MR-MOD module (the name of the streamer card inside my DAC) itself supports:
- FLAC-encoded PCM files up to 192kHz 24-bit
- Uncompressed PCM files up to 384kHz 32-bit
- Native DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256

The MR-MOD does NOT decode DoP. "

This is very strange, since:
1) I cannot get WAVs (which I guess count as uncompressed PCM) with higher frequency than 192)
2) If I uncheck DoP no DSD file plays at all, I get "No Signal" displayed on my DAC. In minimstreamer that means removing the dopwav transcode option.

Scratching my head here..

Perhaps the DAC has different limitations than the MR-MOD card. For example, the MR-MOD might be passing DoP/WAV streams to the DAC (not realising that they are DoP/WAV) and the DAC might be doing the DoP decoding.

This doesn't explain the WAV>192 issue. Have you tried streaming native WAV>192 PCM files with no transcoding?
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