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Log error, mystery tags
03-12-2015, 21:35
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RE: Log error, mystery tags
(03-12-2015 21:20)simoncn Wrote:  
(03-12-2015 20:13)Phydeaux Wrote:  I've been massaging my music file tags. All files are .flac and I've been using Puddle to insure ID3 tags are removed, where they may exist, and update/standardize the various attributes. This has me stumped - it's the only error I see when I recycle MinimServer:

Language setting is 'eng'
Current time is Thu Dec 03 13:06:16 CST 2015 in time zone US/Central
starting MinimServer[PASQUA]
Warning: conflicting ALBUM ARTIST values ignored for album Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs
disc 1: Derek And The Dominos
disc 2: Derek and the Dominos
MinimServer[PASQUA] is running

I've checked and rechecked all the flac files, removing all tags and recreating them manually. Still can't find the above collision. And I've validated that the files for that album only exist once in my music directory..


"Derek And The Dominos" isn't quite the same as "Derek and the Dominos".

Lol! True enough... I should have been more descriptive in my original post. Nowhere does " Derek And The Dominos" exist in any of the files extended attributes, nor does any reference to "disk 1" or "disk 2". They DID exist previously, but I removed them and only "Derek and the Dominos" now exists.

I have restarted the server a number of times, even disabled and reenabled it on the ReadyNAS if that makes any difference. Seems like a cache issue to my inexperienced mind but all of the other myriad of changes I made to other files seemed to be accepted without further warnings in the log.

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