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Album Art - Optional?
11-11-2015, 10:34
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RE: Album Art - Optional?
(11-11-2015 10:23)simoncn Wrote:  
(10-11-2015 22:56)Pastim Wrote:  On my main renderer the Album Art occupies rather too much of the display. My track titles and lists of artists tends to be long for classical music and scrolling doesn't work that well when I can only see 10 or so characters of the track title.

However, artwork is useful in the Control Point on a laptop.

Would it be possible to have artwork optional on the renderer but still shown on the CP?

This depends on how the renderer is getting album art. It might be getting it from the control point or it might be reading it directly from the audio files that it streams from the server.

If the renderer is getting the artwork from the control point, there is nothing you can with MinimServer to change this.

If the renderer is reading the artwork from the streamed audio file, you can use MinimStreamer to transcode the audio file. The transcoded stream will not contain artwork.
I transcode my flacs using MinimStreamer, so from what you say it must be getting the artwork from the CP. Thanks for the information.
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