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Streaming Radio
20-06-2015, 19:48
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Streaming Radio
Simple requirement:

I want to play Internet Radio from my PC to my audio system.

I have Minimserver and minimstreamer (both installed in the last few days) and a DAC taking the PC output to my audio system and this works well for playing my ripped CDs.

What else do I need to find radio? I have Windows (7) Media player, Videolan (VLC) and latest is Foobar2000.

Foobar can't handle Simon's sample BBC Radio file, WMP gets to the BBC radio channels but the Beeb announces that it cannot send files in a format that WMP can use. I think I understand the last bit - the well publicised problems about the Beeb changing the output of its Internet offerings.

Do I need any other software, in the form of a dedicated Internet Radio player? If so, what would people recommend?

I find all the technicalities a bit of a fog, though Simon has already unravelled one of my problems with playlists.

Any help gratefully received,

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