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BBC Stream stalls after 5 seconds.
07-07-2015, 11:11
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RE: BBC Stream stalls after 5 seconds.
(16-05-2015 21:33)simoncn Wrote:  
(13-05-2015 16:13)MarmiteSandwich Wrote:  For anyone interested, my trial and error research has indicated that the only output from MinimStreamer which the Roku SB will play is transcoded mp3, although it does play the current temporary Radio 3 aac stream, and used to play all the discontinued BBC aac streams. As mentioned above, Windows VLC doesn't get along very well with the unwrapped native aac streams output from MinimStreamer, although some PC products (like Windows Chrome) will play them. Foobar 2000 manages better than VLC, but still struggles, see attached screen shots, where Foobar steps through the stream playlist every time it gets an error.

Perhaps I'll make do with the Beeb's temporary mp3 streams until something changes.

Both PCs are running Windows 7 Professional (server 32 bit, player 64) and the CPU usage on the server never goes above 20%, even with the mp3 transcoding. Server 0.8.3, streamer 0.5.12. Roku SB 1001: software version 3.0.44.

I have reproduced the problem with VLC stopping after a few seconds and I am thinking about how to fix it. It is caused by a timing/buffering issue.

I am now running streamer v 0.5.13 and server 0.8.3, with a newer version of VLC (2.1.5) and managed overnight to stream and record 1.5 hours of Radio 3 in aac 320k. Good work, Simon.

BTW I'm in the process of ditching the Roku, which is now obsolete, and searching for a substitute. So far I have ruled out Denon DNP F109 (£200), Veetop Airmusic (£15) and about to try Pure Jongo A2 (£22). Why it it so difficult to find something moderately priced to convert a UPnP stream into a digital output to my DAC, and control it from a PC/smartphone?

Server :: RaspberryPi3B+>Minimserver 2
Control : Android>BubbleUPnP / W10>Upplay / W10>Kazoo / iPhone>Kazoo
Renderer: BubbleUPnP Server>Cambridge Audio CXN V2
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