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Different control points seeing different things
14-04-2015, 21:07
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RE: Different control points seeing different things
(14-04-2015 19:16)simoncn Wrote:  Your point about the "cost" of maintaining a large library of CDs is well taken. On the flip side, the "entry cost" of acquiring and playing a small number of CDs is very low. I think we still have a long way to go in the open digital world to come close to matching this "entry cost".

I entirely agree. And the "entry cost" applies not just to getting into digital music but also each time we add a CD or download to the collection. There is what I regard as a good return in terms of the ease of later access, but it is understandable that some people find the up front cost off-putting.

A related problem is that is the attempts often made in proprietary systems to simplify (which all too often means 'dumb down') systems and thereby to reduce the entry cost. New users will find approaches of this kind attractive until they discover the limitations. My ownership of a Brennan JB7 was an experience of this kind Sad .

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