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Tagging trouble when reading qoboz files
09-04-2015, 12:00 (This post was last modified: 09-04-2015 12:26 by AWeyand.)
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Tagging trouble when reading qoboz files
Hi Simon,

using jplay6 with kazoo/minimserver I noticed some troubles with the right tagging from qoboz files. Minimserver seams to be very sensitiv in this matter. For example:

1.) I have downloaded a qobuz-wav-album (16bit). kazoo/minimserver can not show the folder with this files - I thought because of an unaccepted qobuz file name structure.
2.) But renaming this files manually didn't change anything - the folder wasn't shown.

3.) I noticed than in foobar that there where no metadata entries in both cases 1 + 2, so I tagged one of this manually renamed files.
kazoo/minimserver now shows the folder and played the file - but with a wrong time code resp. a wrong file duration (175:38)
4.) Renaming all the files of the original folder with foobar and untagging them ends with same results - folder was shown and files where played in kazoo/minimserver but with the wrong time code and ending in a loop after the first track when hopping to the next. When stopping the file it needs now also to restart jplay services in the task manager.
5.) Same thing for complete in foobar with freedb metadata tagged and than renamed files - wrong time code, loop and need to restart jplay services.

6.) So I tried a version with manually tagged but not renamed files. And even here folder was shown and files where played, but with the same result again: wrong time code, loop and need to restart jplay sercices.

For me it was than obvious that only changed tags enables kazoo/minimserver to show and play this qobuz files and that it need to create correct entries for the time code for playing the whole album. The latter happens by converting the files (no matter if wav or flac) what results in new time code entries. And really - that solves the problem.

So - what do you mean? Is there a way to bring minimserver to the right reading of the original qoboz tags??? I will even ask the qobuz support, if there will be a way for better compatibility when tagging their files.

Greetings and thanks for developing this great server solution
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