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Minimserver help for dummy!
14-04-2015, 12:14 (This post was last modified: 17-04-2015 10:52 by simoncn.)
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RE: Minimserver help for dummy!
(14-04-2015 10:08)kjbuk Wrote:  Yes, the Roberts works cleanly and the Onkyo doesn't. On the basis that it is not a buffering issue and that the Roberts is connecting by wi-fi and the Onkyo is on the mains distributed LAN, I decided to try the Onkyo by wi-fi. Guess what? It worked! I really don't understand why as I have no trouble with other internet stations using mains LAN. However I have now got a clean sound on the main hi-fi apart from the odd little spit which occurs on the Shoutcast stream anyway.

It's interesting to hear that this was the cause of the problem. I'm glad you have solved it now.

Quote:Using *:L16 to get decoded PCM UPnP on the Roberts still slows the audio down on both radios. Do you know of a cure for this?

The BBC streams have a sample rate of 48 kHz and MinimStreamer is assuming a sample rate of 44.1 kHz by default. This simplest fix is to add a sample rate value to the .m3u playlist entry for the stream. For example, instead of

[R3] BBC Radio 3

you can specify

[R3;aac,48000] BBC Radio 3

(edit: corrected typo in above line)

This setting is only needed if the stream is being transcoded to L16 or L24 but does no harm for other uses of the stream.

Quote:The Olympia radio via Reciva seems to be a hopeless case as the radio manufacturers in Germany will not support it any longer.

I will make a donation today.

Thanks very much!
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