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transcode FLAC to MP3
03-09-2015, 21:26
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RE: transcode FLAC to MP3
MinimServer isn't a file converter. There are other programs (for example, dBpoweramp, XLD and JRiver) that do a good job of file conversion.

Adding support for transcoding FLAC (etc.) to MP3 would be difficult and inefficient because of the need to support exact seeking within the transcoded stream. For example, if the renderer requests a seek to byte offset 12345678 in the transcoded MP3 stream, finding the corresponding byte offset within the original FLAC stream would require reading the complete MP3 output stream up to and including byte 12345678 to find the time/sample offset. If the output stream is WAV or LPCM, calculating the time/sample offset is simple and efficient and doesn't require reading the output stream.
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