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25-03-2015, 23:03
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I've got a large physical collection of vinyl and CDs which I started ripping about a year ago. A large part of this is dance music so labels and remixers are important information which I'd like to make use of. Other threads on this board have discussed indexing by Label and I've got that configured as:

indexTags: Publisher, Label, Organization
aliasTags: Publisher:Label, Organization:Label

Which works a treat.

I'm now looking to sort out handling remix information. All the remixes in my collection have a RemixedBy tag which contains the name of the artist responsible. What I'd like is for these tracks to be added to that Artists entry in the Artist index. My initial config was:

indexTags: Artist
itemTags: RemixedBy, AlbumArtist
tagValue: Artist.merge={RemixedBy}

This led to some odd entries though, for example on a Front Line Assembly single I had a separate entry in the Artist index for remix. These looked like:

Front Line Assembly, <RemixedBy>

Not what I was looking for. I'm assuming that this occurred as a result of the way Artist maps to AlbumArtist if it's present combined with the fact that AlbumArtist has to be unique?

I've now modifed this to:

indexTag: All Artists:Artist, AlbumArtist

which seems to work better. The AllArtists entires for each artist include all of their remixes, which is the desired behavior, and the AlbumArtist entries don't include this info. Not sure if I'll keep the AlbumArtist list long term it'll depend on how useful I find it.

My next issue is that remixes are often credit by producer rather than by the name of the project everyone would associate that producer with. For instance Front 242's Religion cd single which has the following tracks:

Religion (7" mix)
Religion (Bass Under Siege Mix) [Liam Howlett]
Religion (Lovelace A go-Go Mix) [J. G. Thirlwell]
Crapage (Never Hurry A Murray Mix) [Dr Alex Patterson]

In all three cases these artists are strongly associated with a main project which I'd like these mixes to be listed under (Liam -> The Prodigy, Thirlwell -> Foetus, Alex -> The Orb). But I don't want to lose the info about how the track is credited on the release, which means the RemixedBy tag needs to stay as is for display purposes. Is the best solution going to be to add a RemixedBySort tag and then have a tagValue entry something like:

indexTag: RemixedBy, RemixedBySort
tagValue: RemixedBy.replace.sort={RemixedBySort}, RemixedBy.replace.index={RemixedBySort}.

Does this need to precede the Artist.merge={RemixedBy} entry for Artist to pick up the right info?

Will this pick up my tagOptions which ignore {The,DJ,The DJ,A,Das} properly?

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