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Bryston Renderer and OpenHome
03-09-2015, 10:49
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RE: Bryston Renderer and OpenHome

I fully understand and I hope there is a forum member owning a Bryston who can can tell us all about the pros and cons of this equipment.
Now it is just guessing and it seems like it is stated the Bryston (unless mentioned in their brochure)is not fully capable to provide gapless playback.
The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
Make a deal with a dealer,listen and play with it for a week or so.
May be your overwhelmed by the the sound,it might also be disappointing.
You are talking about serious money in this case,worth doing some serious listening/testing before purchase!
You might also consider the new Cambridge Audio 851N or the new CX series streamers.
I do own a SM6(V1) a streamer that was supposed to be non gapless for a while and enjoy listening to this affordable streamer every day.
To be honest also this piece of machinery has some negative issues, but also a lot of positive features, so I can live with it!

Kind Regards,


I hope my reply is not too late.... just upgraded to BDP-2 with the new IAD card (The New Bryston Card that make leap jump in Audio Quality) from Moon Mind 180 streaming from Minim Server with transcode of flac to wav/24.

Yes BDP-2 is a superior streamer especially with the new upgraded audio card. It is a powerful DLNA renderer that could playback transcoded wav/24 from minim server (transcoded wav via minim server sound better than flac as original source). BDP-2 comes with 2 x giga network lan, no problem playing 192/24 transcoded wav from flac.

Pros... the best audio I have heard so far.. huge sound stage and clear details. BDP-2 brings out more details than Moon Mind 180. Compatible with free dlna control point app like m.connect and able to perform audio control like adjust volume, change tracks on lock screen of ipad and iphone.

Cons... waiting time for boot up... takes even longer than the boot up of a Audio Research Tube preamp... but the audio rendered is worth the wait.

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