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Transcoding combinations UPnP and Internet Radio
13-03-2015, 00:06
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RE: Transcoding combinations UPnP and Internet Radio
(12-03-2015 21:12)Tell Wrote:  I prepared this early but didn't post in case Simon appeared in the meantime...

Probably should not put my two pennies worth in since Simon's the expert, his product etc. But you did say "somebody".

On 1. No you don't need to transcode if HLS stream if your system can handle AAC internet radio. MinimStreamer by default unpacks HLS to AAC without any transcode command. So on a Denon network player (720) no transcode was required since it plays AAC. It's what you interface to that, that requires the transcode, if it doesn't work in that native form then it needs transcoding.

That's a no too "However, I believe a converter like ffmpeg or avconv may still be needed for HLS streams. " unless there is something odd about the player not playing the AAC streams from HLS.

I have two Reciva based internet radios that can play AAC radio streams. However I had to install ffmpeg and set the stream.transcode aac:L16 in order for the radios to play the BBC HLS streams. Without transcoding these streams were unplayable.
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