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Transcoding combinations UPnP and Internet Radio
12-03-2015, 22:21
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RE: Transcoding combinations UPnP and Internet Radio
(12-03-2015 22:05)Tell Wrote:  Well no on the first one it should work with any internet radio station the HLS processing is an enhancement built into MinimStreamer.

I think you need to study the manual for your system and decide which is the ideal input form then aim for that. If you have a range of receivers then that's more tricky. Seems like you have wav24 so that's the one to aim for.

Over to Simon, dinner awaits
I have 2 UPnP renderers, and had been thinking of getting an Internet radio device for another room. So I'd need to set up a solution that work for all devices, and I need to understand how all these things interact. I have spent a lot of time trying to understand, but am clearly not clever enough, so I had to try to lay out each case and wonder what it meant. I have been told it is really simple, so somehow I've lost the plot. Still, I don't want to buy a device and find I can't get it to work, what with the BBC's mucking about lately.

As to ffmpeg/avconv etc, I thought minimstreamer was using it to handle HLS (regardlsess of audio codec issues). I may well be wrong.
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