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Minimwatch, Java Runtime and Adobe Photoshop
10-03-2015, 09:45
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RE: Minimwatch, Java Runtime and Adobe Photoshop
(10-03-2015 00:32)qblack Wrote:  Got it! I confirm that both PS and Minimwatch work with Apple's JavaAppletPlugin.plugin alias deleted.

As I now understand it, the Apple version of Java lives in /System/Library/Java and the Oracle version in /Library/Internet Plug-Ins (as JavaAppletPlugin.plugin). I'm sure I didn't manually delete the Apple installation last week when I installed Minimwatch (I don't usually go poking around in /System/Library), yet Adobe's products were almost all crippled by installing Oracle's updated Java (at least when I first did it). It took me almost a day to make the connection, as it had been so long since that weird Apple-originating dialog informed me years ago that Photoshop, etc., "needed" Java. I wonder if some warning and help is needed for other users of this aging Adobe product who also want to run Minimwatch? It was not obvious to me that I could have two versions installed so easily on the one machine, yet this is what some of us clearly need.

Again, great support - thanks!

I'm surprised that the Adobe products were crippled by instaliing Oracle Java. Perhaps some "default Java version" setting was somehow changed when you first did this. Did you need to reinstall Apple Java to get the Adobe products working again?
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